Company overview

Analytics Logic exists to help you successfully use your digital assets.

Our extensive experience in support of decision-makers like you allows us to easily uncover invaluable but deeply hidden insights buried within your data. We arm you with these insights so you can make faster, better-informed decisions that enhance your mission, motivate your team and satisfy your constituents.

Analytics Logic launched in 2014 to address the dearth of federal government-specialized digital analytics expertise. Owing to this lack of expertise, many federal offices and contractors find themselves struggling to effectively utilize the vast data troves in their possession. If your own office or company has been among those in that position, worry not. Analytics Logic is just a phone call or email away.

You haven’t really utilized data until Analytics Logic puts it all together for you.

We help federal offices and contractors acquire, manage, and optimally utilize data assets of all types.

Our mission

Your success. Our mission is to ensure it. Specifically, we strive to:

  • Transform your data into meaningful and useable information and insights;
  • Equip you to identify and respond to emerging constituent needs and market trends at the earliest possible juncture;
  • Save you time, expense, effort, anxiety, and frustration;
  • Help you earn greater recognition/praise from your superiors and stakeholders;
data chaos hurts you

We can make the pain go away. And stop it from coming back.

We’re ready to help you right now. We’re Analytics Logic.

The digital analytics, digital marketing, and data science expertise you need to succeed.